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Video of the fire



No, I haven’t updated my website for October.  I’ve been just a bit preoccupied.  As you have most likely heard, on the night of October 8th fires started in Northern California, predominantly Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties.  They soon developed into firestorms, whipped into a furry by 70 mile an hour winds.  Thousands of people were evacuated from the paths of the wide spread fires, including my granddaughter and her family.  


These unprecedented fires soon spread to urban areas, both business and residential.  Whole sections of down town Santa Rosa were destroyed in minutes.  The need for help in the evacuation centers became immediate and those and those of us who were not immediately affected responded. 

Unfortunately due to liability and bureaucratic reasons, the traditional relief organizations, like the Red Cross, are not able to accept much of the help that is offered.  Meals for the evacuees was desperately needed, yet the traditional relief agencies will not accept home cooked food.  Therefore a network of individuals sprung into place providing food and other necessities for the hundreds of evacuees in the smaller centers.

I have been cooking almost round the clock for evacuees and firefighters since October 10.  In a few days my pantry and personal resources were depleted and friends began dropping $$ into my paypal account so that I could continue cooking meals to be delivered to those in need.  

The immediate need for cooked meals locally has lessened so I have shifted my focus to helping the people in the Willits area in Mendocino county who are the victims of the  Redwood Complex fire, which was nearly as large as the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa, but has received much less media attention.  They have also fallen outside the area being helped by traditional organizations.


Again a network of private individuals has leapt up to help our neighbors in the north who are in just as great a need.  These people have been left with NOTHING.  They don’t even have potable water.  Private individuals here in Sonoma county have mobilized into a network, scrounging tarps, tents, lumber, basic cooking utensils, generators and other necessities of life, including food and water.


I have now diverted my energy and resources to the people in Willets.  I shop for cases of basic food stuffs and deliver it to the hub where it is loaded on private pickups and taken north.  Yesterday I purchased cases of canned milk, sterilized no refrigeration necessary boxed milk, tuna, noodles, cream of mushroom soup, spaghetti, jars of spaghetti sauce, boxes of instant mac ‘n’ cheese, Ramen and bags of apples.  No, none of this, except for the apples is stuff that I consider good, nutritional food, but remember, these people have from no to virtually no facilities.

If you would like to facilitate my being able to continue doing this, please drop a few $$ into my paypal account through gduncann@yahoo.com.  Now, I can totally understand you being loath to give money to an individual you don’t know.  If so, then you may wish to donate through a local business, the Redwood Credit Union, https://www.redwoodcu.org/
 right here in Sonoma county.  They have pledged them selves to giving 100 % of all money donated to the fire relief to those in need.  I personally will not give anything to the Red Cross because it takes too many $$ to get one where it needs to go.







This is on Piner Road in Santa Rosa, directly accross the street from my son in laws business, which is the only building left standing on the block.



This is what's left of Coffee Park, a residential section of Santa Rosa.










October is National

Apple Month




The Bay Area - A Grand Back Yard





































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