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Twelfth Night

January 5

Make a Kings Cake


Jack London's Birthday

Jauary 12

Celebrate with his favorite foods



Binjamin Franklin's Birthday


January 17

What Did He Eat




Robert Burns Birthday

January 25

Cook something Scottish



Mozarts Birthday


January 27, 1756



Janurary is National


Hot Tea Month




   Egg Month



Whole-Grain Bread Month





Low Fat Month




Soup Month




Muffins Every Sunday

With the crisp days of Autumn setting in, what could be more comforting on a layed back Sunday morning than a basket full of fresh, warm and fragrant,

Carrot and Raisin Streusel Topped Muffins

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

                        Autumn Time Apple Spice Muffins




For some unfathomable reason, November is National Vegan Month.  I think the turkeys must have lobbied for it.  Anyway, here are some

Vegan & Vegetarian Recipes


Just posted - try these delectable


Glutin Free Zucchini Fritters

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Roasting Garlic Cloves


Forming Ravioli



Did you know? October is National Pasta Month. 

Hell! Every month should be

National Pasta  Month

Huzzah for pasta!



It's not National Seafood Month any more

but it should be!  Every month should be national seafood month!

Seafood and Pasta!  Now Just How Cool is That?








Pastry Cream









First You Make de Roux



Cooks Thesaurus

The cooks thesaurus is an excellent on line resource.




Scott Beach


Terrine Maison

a la



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The Questing Feast


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    Canned Foods Contain BPA     





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