Quick & Easy Caramel Apples


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Makes about 6 apples


This easy recipe for making caramel apples uses commercial caramel candies and a microwave.  It isn’t rocket science. 


6 medium size crisp red apples

6 wooden sucker sticks

About a pound of caramels

2 tablespoons of milk


Chopped nuts – (optional)


Wash and dry the apples and remove the stem.  Insert a sucker stick into each apple, far enough that the apple is secure.  Set aside.  Unwrap all the caramel pieces and place in a microwave proof container.  Add the milk.  Place in the microwave for a total of about two minutes, removing to stir once or twice.  When the caramels are melted and gooey, remove from the microwave and carefully, (the stuff is like lava) roll each apple in the melted caramel until evenly coated.  If the caramel becomes too thick, put back in the microwave for a few seconds and stir again. After each apple is dipped place it on a square of wax paper or Baker's parchment.


If you plan to coat part of the apple with chopped nuts, place the chopped nuts in a shallow bowl.  When you remove the apple from the caramel and while it is still hot and sticky, roll in the nuts.  Then set on a square of paper. 


Allow the apples to completely cool before eating.  The hot caramel can burn your mouth.



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