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Articles Posted for 2008


Posted November 14,2008

Twelfth Night

and the

Kings Cake

Posted December 11, 2008



Glass holly border frameGlass holly border frame

tomato crostini

Holiday Mnchies

An article with numerous recepies, designed to enhance your holiday entertaining


Posted November 10, 2008

vegetable platter

Glass holly border frameGlass holly border frame



Bonfire Night

"Remember, remember,

the Fifth of November!"


Posted October 30, 2008

Published October 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

An article with recipes for the urbane diner who wishes old fashion flavor beyond green bean casserole, baby marshmallows and canned fruit cocktale.





An article with recipes

Posted October 9,2008

Dia de Los Muerto

Mexico's Days of the Dead

Celebrate with Food and Folk Art

Posted October 16, 2008





Posted September 29, 2008

Baked Apple Pie




Posted October 2, 2008


        An article with recipes


       Posted September 16, 2008


It's Apple Time


Oodles of great

Apple Recipes

Posted September 1, 2008

Art by Antonio M Ruiz


     September 16 is

Mexican Independence Day

   celebrate with Enchiladas

        Posted August 30, 2008



& Chocolate

Posted July 7,


Posted August 2, 2008

It's Blackberry Season


Lots of

Scrumptious recipes



The English Country Kitchen





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