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Bakers’ Parchment


Bakers’ Parchment sheets are a product that I find indispensable in my kitchen.  If you are tired of baked goods that stick to the pan, you need Bakers’ Parchment.  If your baked goods often scorch on the bottom, you need Bakers’ Parchment.  If you seldom bake because you hate scrubbing your baking sheets, you need Bakers’ Parchment.


Bakers’ Parchment sheets are sheets of paper with a silicon coating that greatly retards scorching.  I find it much better than either wax paper or aluminum foil for lining pans.  In addition to lining baking sheets, I cut it to shape and use it in cake pans.  I line my loaf pans with it when making meat loaf and pâté.  I even roll it into a cone and use it as a frosting tube for cake decorating.  Hell, you could even use it to line the cat box and the bird cage.


Occasionally you can find it in grocery stores at an exorbitant price.  You can get a case of 1,000 sheets at a restaurant supply house for a very reasonable price.  You don’t need 1,000 sheets you say.  You can purchase it online from several dealers.  Once you have tried it I don’t think you will ever be without it again.



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