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If you bake your own bread a true bread knife is an essential piece of equipment, yet damn near imposable to find.  A true bread knife is not being manufactured any more.  Things called bread knives are being manufactured, however these usually have serrated edges, not wavy edges.  Serrated edges will rip the bread, not slice it properly.  The few knives that are manufactured with a wavy edge have the undulations so small.  The waves or undulations are about one quarter-inch long.  A good bread knife should have it’s waves about one-half inch long.


At one time you could get a bread knife by sending in the coupons that came in flour sacks.  Now, just about the only place you are going to be able to find a true bread knife is at a garage sale or antique shop. 


I have two and there are mine, all mine and you can’t have one.  Neener-neener...


                                          Good Bread Knife

                        Shun Bread Knife

                                            Bad Bread Knife

The knife pictured in the add in the side bar is about as close as you are going to be able to find.



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