Cauliflower - 3 veggies in one



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Cauliflower... not everyone’s first choice... to bad... when cooked properly it’s a truly delectable vegetable.  The main problem with cauliflower is that most people cook the life out of it.  Cauliflower is at it’s best when steamed or Blanchd

only to the point to where it still has just a bit of tooth left to it, ie. not still crunchy but still offers just a wee bit of resistance.  It’s very easy to overdo it.

Another problem with cauliflower is that it is way too often over enhanced... like in smothered in cheese sauce, or baked until it’s dead and smothered in a heavy sauce.  Try serving it with a discreet drizzle of herb butter with a whisper of garlic.  If you’re avoiding animal fats, use olive oil.  Also try just tossing lightly blanched or steamed cauliflower florets into a beautiful, big mixed salad and dress with a garlic and herb vinaigrette. This makes for a very welcome meal on a hot summer day.

No, unfortunately, cauliflower tends to be one of the more expensive vegetables, and I’ll just bet you’re throwing at least a third of it into the compost bin.  Hey!  Stop that!.  The leaves are edible.  The stem is very edible.  I consider them three different veggies.

When preparing a cauliflower, I cut off all the greens and set them aside, then cut all the white florets off, set them aside and then I’m left with the stem. 

The stem is quite delicious.  I cut it into julienne or rounds, steam it until it’s tender and usually out it into salads.  The greens taste like cabbage but a little stronger and I steam them and serve them like you would any green, usually dressed with olive oil and garlic.  Sometimes after steaming I will flash fry them in olive oil with garlic and sweet red pepper strips. 

So, instead of chucking out about a third of your expensive cauliflower, just consider that you have been gifted two additional veggies.  Try it.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Yah for cauliflower... all of it...







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