Bacon Wrapped Chicken Livers


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Makes 10 to 12 servings


This delectable dish makes a his at any party even with those who think they don’t like liver.  I’ve always thought the main thing wrong with liver was its name.  It’s sort of like the way squid sounds revolting yet calamari sounds delicious.


About 1 pound of chicken livers

1/2 cup Teriyaki sauce

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


Canned water chestnuts



Rinse the chicken livers under cold running water, drain well.  If necessary, cut in half to make bite size pieces.  Place in a bowl.  Drain the water chestnuts and put in the bowl with the chicken livers.  Add the Teriyaki and cilantro, mix gently and allow to marinate for at least thirty minutes.  You may even leave them in the refrigerator overnight. 


When ready to assemble, drain the chicken livers and water chestnuts but save the sauce.    Wrap each piece of chicken liver with about half a strip of bacon and secure with a short bamboo skewer.  Add a water chestnut to the skewer.  Place on a wire rack placed over a baking sheet. *  Place in a pre-heated 350º oven and cook until the bacon is crisp.  Paint with additional teriyaki half way through the cooking.  The time will vary greatly.  Serve hot.  You may also cook these on a grill or BBQ or under the broiler.


*  It will make cleaning the pan a lot easier if you put some water in it to catch the bacon fat and prevent it from burning.





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