Roasted Pepper Fajitas


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Serves 4 to 6


This Fajita recipe will please vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike.  The smoky flavor of roasted peppers and garlic combine with Mexican seasonings to create delectable summertime fare.


1 each large roasted red, green, golden and orange pepper

2 roasted Anaheim chilies

2 roasted Poblano chilies

Roasted hot chilies to taste

10 to 15 cloves of roasted garlic

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 large yellow onion, cut into thin rings

1 cup favorite salsa, (mighty or mild, your choice)

Taco seasoning or Mexican seasoning to taste

Salt and fresh, coarse ground black pepper to taste

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


Fresh flour tortillas

Sour cream 

Roast all peppers and chilies and garlic.  Remove the skins and seeds as directed.  Cut into thin julienne and set aside.  Mince the garlic.   Heat the olive oil in a heavy skillet and gently sauté the onion rings until golden.  Add the peppers, chilies, garlic, salsa and taco seasoning to the skillet and simmer until all is hot through.  Add the cilantro, stir gently and pour into a serving dish.   Warm the tortillas and wrap in a clean cloth to keep warm.  Place all on the table.  Each diner picks up a tortilla, fills it with the chili and pepper mixture and tops with a dollop of sour cream.



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