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Food Styling and Food Photography


I have been doing food styling and food photography for over 35 years, not only to illustrate my own cook books, but also as commissions for various other publications, including International Revue of Food and Wine, Home Cooking, Cooking Light, The San Francisco Examiner and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

I pride myself on styling and photographing food that people might actually eat, not things so contrived that they are beyond the capabilities of the average cook.

 I charge $25.00 an hour for styling and photographing.  You receive a contact sheet with all the images shot.  You choose the 6 you want enhanced.  Then I send you a CD with all the images including the 6 enhanced ones.  You may have as many copies made as you wish.  No limits.  No packages to buy.


If you wish more images enhanced than the initial 6, I charge $15.00 per image.


Devonshire Apple Tart

I reserve the right to use images of my choice in my portfolio.


      For more information or to book a sitting you may contact me at




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The English Country Kitchen






Plowman's Lunch


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