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Living here in Sonoma in the heart of California's premium Wine Country, of curse wine is important to me.  I am surrounded by some of some of the world' finest vineyards.  With the Russian River and Dry Creek appellations being just minutes from my home how could I not have an intense in fine wine?  And remember, I am also a food writer, so world class wine and fine foods go hand and hand.

Now, if you are enjoying superb, hand crafted artisan wine, it only seems fitting that those wine should be drunk out of a unique hand crafted goblet.

All of my glazes are food safe, however, for obvious reasons I do not recommend that you put them in the dishwasher.   I also do not recommend that you put them, or any hand made pottery in the microwave.   Again, not for food safety but for the safety of the pot. The minute vibrations may with time cause some of the decorations to break off.

While on the subject of wine, you may enjoy viewing my wine page here on The Questing Feast.  


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If you are interested in a piece or want more information please email me at gduncann@yahoo.com or message me, Geraldine Duncann on Facebook.

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