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Serves 6 to 8


Lomi Lomi salmon is a dish that did not come to the islands until after contact with Haoles, (whites or Europeans).  Salmon is not a Hawaiian fish.  Hawaiians did not begin using it until traders brought salted salmon from Alaska to trade for Hawaiian goods.  Lomi Lomi means to knead or massage.  It was necessary to “lomi lomi,” the salmon in water to remove some of the salt, and that is how this recipe was developed.  Actually, most of the ingredients used in lomi lomi salmon were unknown in Hawaii until after contact with Haoles.  Lomi lomi salmon is raw, just like sashimi and the fish usually used on sushi.  Today the dish is usually made with fresh salmon.


About 1  pounds of very fresh salmon

1 smallish white onion, diced very small

2 to 3 green onions, chopped small

2 to 3 tomatoes, seeded and diced small

1 small hot chili, seeded and minced or a pinch of dry chili flakes

The juice of 1 or 2 fresh limes

1 teaspoon Kukui not, or to taste

Red Hawaiian Salt salt to taste


Dice the salmon into about 1/4 inch dice, removing any bones and bits of fat of sinew as you do.   Place in a colander and rinse under cold running water to remove any blood.   Add the remaining ingredients and lomi lomi until well mixed.  Place in a serving dish and set the dish on a larger dish filled with crushed ice.  It should always be served very cold.


* You will most likely not be able to find Kukui nut.  A reasonable substitute is roasted and pulverized peanuts or walnuts.



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