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I specialize in boudoir photograph with a difference.  Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and ages.  Don’t be to show off the real you.  Boudoir photography should be sexy, sensuous and seductive, but most of all, it should be fun.  Remember, this is boudoir, not porn.  Let your inner self shine.  I can find the you, you know you are.


Introductory Offer:


For a limited time I am offering the following:

For $50.00 you will get the sitting and photo shoot in my studio. I then email you a contact sheet with all the images on it. You choose two images for me to enhance. * When finished, I then send you a CD with all the images including the two that have been enhanced. You may then have as many copies made as you wish. No limits, no packages to buy.

* If you wish more than the initial two images enhanced I charge an additional $15.00 each.

I reserve the right to use images of my choice in my portfolio.


      For more information or to book a sitting you may contact me at




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