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When I was a kid February was a much looked forward to month.  November and December were made for kids.  To me that they were just one long holiday because it seemed that if we weren’t celebrating one we were preparing for one.  Mama made the fruit cake long before Thanksgiving and put it away to age in brandy soaked cloth; and it just got better and better form there with Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas Day, Advent, visits from friends, choosing just the right tree, baking cookies, wrapping and hiding gifts, and even after, there was the joy of playing with new toys and wearing new cloths and of course, there was o school.  Then boom, along came January and nothing.  The Christmas tree was down, the last of the Christmas feast had been eaten and there wasn’t even a scrap of fruitcake left.  And it was back to school.  January was a dumb month, but then all at once there was February! Glorious February

with Abraham Lincoln's birthday, my father's birthday, which he shared with George Washington and Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day meant something then because I spend the week before making the valentines I would take to school. But besides Valentine’s Day, which we didn’t get off, there were those president’s birthdays, which we did get off – oh glorious extra, surprise days off in the middle of the week. Then congress rolled them all into Presidents Day and there was only one day off. And today when I mention Lincoln’s birthday on February 12th kids don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. This very special day, this day of the birth of one of one of the truly great men of history should be celebrated.

Abraham Lincoln, 1887 Art Print by George Peter Alexander Healy

I maintain that one of the best ways to teach kids, or anyone for that matter, about other people and other times is through their food.  What better way to celebrate one of the greatest men our country has ever produced than by preparing a meal of his favorite foods to enjoy on his birthday, February 12th.

We all know that Mr. Lincoln was tall and lean, (and no, I did not stretch the photo to below to emphasize the point) and that he was a mild tempered man, introspective and hard working.

Abraham Lincoln at Antietam

  It is said that his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln had a hard time getting him to remember to eat at all.  When she did discover things that he truly enjoyed, she made sure that they were available whenever he wanted them.  For the most part, his food tastes were simple.  He loved fresh fruit, particularly apples.  One of his favorite meals was simply fresh fruit and nuts, cheese and crackers.

President Lincoln did have two favorite dishes, Chicken_Fricassee with Biscuits and Oyster_Stew.  Actually, he loved oysters just about any way they were served.  His dessert tastes were simple as well with Apple_Pie being a favorite.  His seldom drank alcohol of any sort.  Water was his favorite beverage.  On one occasion, a hamper of choice imported wines was sent to Mrs. Lincoln for use at White House functions.  She sent it on to a military hospital saying, “I never use any and Mr. Lincoln never touches any.”  Alcoholic beverages were seldom served at White House entertainments.

Abraham Lincoln on the Antietam Battlefield



                                           Lincoln's State China

President Abraham Lincoln with Son Tad Lincoln  

                                       Lincoln with his son

         Abraham Lincoln Funeral Procession in Washington DC

Abraham Lincoln’s Funeral Procession

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