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On this page you will find links to sites that I felt might be of interest to you.  Some are sites of interest to people who enjoy good food and drink.  Others are the sites of friends of mine who’s activities I feel are worthy of your attention.



You can help fight world hunger

 by simply clicking here

 Free Rice


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For those of you with any form of cardio/vascular disease,

this website is a must.

For those of you who do not want to develop cardio/vascular disease,

this website is a must.



Pale Moon

Man in the moon

Fine jewelry and ornaments

hand crafted by

Christopher Miller Creations

For the true spirit of


a visit to

The Dickens Fair

is a must

The English Country Kitchen



This is an excellent site for those of you      who are interested in

   Edible Herbs and Flowers




New Forest

For Supurb Vinegars, Oils, Condiments

and other lovely things     


Kau Kau Kitchen

is the website of my daughter in Hawaii.  She is an expert on things Hawaiian; folk culture, dance, music and food.  If you want to know about our fiftieth state, ask her.

For those of you interested in the goings on in Sonoma County, I recommend a visit to a visit to

 Sonoma County Life


In The Vineyard



Grownups Need Grownup Music

for the maximum in urbanity and a minimum of pedantry

Listen On Line

Creative interpretation … Tom Hulce as Mozart in the 1984 film Amadeus .


Traditional and Eclectic

a-Capella Music

animated rollover


Suncé Winery and Vineyard

Sunce Winery

Sunce is one of my favorite Sonoma County wineries.  A visit to Sunce is like a visit to any winery in Sonoma 30 years ago, when the tasting room was connected to the winery and still close enough to the winery that it was filled with the delicious fragrance of fermenting grapes.  Sunce is a small winery that takes great pride in its product, and takes the time to make visitors feel that they care about you.


For those of you who want your beer to truly taste like beer

For those of you who appreciate quality craftsmanship

For those of you with a passion for tradition 

Anchor Brewing Co.




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