Making Sugar Skulls



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These delightful, if a bit macabre, little pieces of Mexican folk art are an integral part of the Mexican celebration, Dai de Los Muerto, or Days of the Dead.  They are fun to make at home, not too difficult, but a bit tedious.  First, you will need to fine the molds.  This time of year specialty candy and cake making supply stores often handle them.  If you have none in your area, you might look here

Sugar Skull Molds . 

Nanccy's Fancys in Santa Rosa, both do mail order.

 In addition to the molds you will need:


Granulated sugar or powdered sugar

Egg whites or meringue powder (also available at specialty shops)

Royal Icing

Food Coloring


Some people use powdered sugar.  I have always used regular granulated sugar.  I simply put several cups of sugar in a large bowl, add one egg white for each two cups of sugar and mix it up with my hands until all the sugar is lightly moistened.  Then I press this mixture firmly into the molds and smooth off the top.  With a spoon, I scoop out some of the sugar from each mold, leaving at least a half inch layer of sugar all around.

Then I place a small square of cardboard over the mold and invert it and place it on a table or counter. Carefully remove the mold and leave the skull to dry over night.





The molds come in various sizes.  The large ones are usually in two pieces, (front and back).  Small ones are in one piece. 


If using a two piece mold, after the skulls have dried, you will “glue” them together with royal icing and leave them set until they are thoroughly dry.  When all your skulls are dry, you may decorate them with Royal icing in various colors.  Yes, it was a bit of work but it is well worth it.


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