The Order of the

Wooden Spoon


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The Order of the Wooden Spoon 

Competitions for the 2014 Tournament Season



The theme for this coming Wooden Spoon season is Shakespeare.  We will be exploring some of the foods mentioned in the works of the Bard of Stratford.  It was quite difficult coming up with the various competitions; not from lack of material, but from to much.  It was hard paring it down to just six.  The Elizabethans loved their food and this is very much reflected in the works of Shakespeare.

All entries must be accompanied by:

1. Your recipe

2. Period recipe if available

3. A maximum of 500 words documentation

And remember, presentation plays a significant role in the judging.



                 March Crown




  “Mine eyes smell onions; I shall weep anon.

   All’s Well That Ends Well, Ace V, Scene 3 - (Lafeu)

Make a savory onion tart 

Onions should make up at least 50% of the filling of your tart. In other words, no fare making a cheese and mushroom tart that has a few bits of onion in it.





“If you can mock a leak, then you can eat a leak"
Henry V, Act V, scene 1, -  (Fluellen)


Make a leek pudding(remember, in England, puddings can be savory as well as sweet.)

Leeks must represent at least 50% of the total ingredients.


June Crown


“...and you whose pastime ‘tis to play at making midnight  mushrooms ...”
                 The Tempest, Act V, scene 1 – (Prospero)



Make a mushroom tart. Mushrooms must make up at least 50% of the filling.

1 extra point to anyone who states what this Shakespear quote is in reference to.


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