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It wouldn’t be Christmas Eve at our house without oysters steamed with Anchor_Steam_Beer and fresh California Bay Leaves.  This method was taught to my father by Jack London during one of my dad’s visits to Jack’s Beauty Ranch in Glen Ellen.  My father remained an adamant and dedicated advocate of San Francisco’s own Anchor Steam Beer all of his life.

Fresh Live Oysters in the Shell

1 bottle Anchor Steam Beer


1 or 2 fresh California Bay Laurel leaves


Scrub the shells of the oysters with a stiff brush under cold running water.  Discard any that are open and do not close when you tap the shell.  Place them in a large pot with a tight fitting lid or a steamer.  (if you happen to have a tamale steamer, or set of Chinese steamer baskets, that would work just fine too). Add enough water to make the total amount of liquid come to about two inches deep.  Add 1 or 2 fresh bay leaves.  Cover with the lid and over a high heat, steam until the shells begin to pop open.  Remove from the steamer with tongues and pile into a serving bowl.  Accompany with melted butter, fresh horseradish, Tabasco and of course, Anchor Steam Beer.  Each diner will need an oyster knife and a large cloth napkin or tea towel moistened at one end.


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