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Makes one 8 to 9-inch pie


Quince is a rather strange fruit.  It is related to apples and pears.  Its popularity  waned since during the second half of the twentieth century, however there was a time when it was very popular.  Almost every back yard garden sported a quince tree and the fruit was used for preserves, jams, jellies and pies.  The fruit is seldom eaten raw as it has a rather stringent taste which diminishes when it is cooked.  Quince pie may not be everyone’s favorite.  It has a rather perfumey taste, however the quince has its dedicated followers, and those who like it will like quince pie.  To make a quince pie simply follow the recipe for Bea's_Apple_Pie, substituting quince for the apples.  You may also use part quince and part apple and you may use a  lattice top if you wish.  If you are new to pie making you may want to take a peek at Let There Be Pie.


          Photo of three quinces growing on tree in my neighbors' yard



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