Winter Squash Pie


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Makes 1, 8 to 9-inch pie


Making a pie from winter squash is virtually the same as making a pumpkin pie and, the end result is very nearly the same.  What is a winter squash and why are they called winter squash when they grow in the summer just like zucchini?  Winter squash are called winter squash because if left uncut in a cool place where it does not freeze, (like a cellar) they would last for most of the winter without rotting, as opposed to the “summer squashes,” ie. Zucchini, Crook-neck and Patty-pan squashes that have softer skins and must be used within a few days of harvesting.  Winter squashes include the big Hubbard and Banana squash, Acorn, Turban, Butternut, Spaghetti, and yes, a pumpkin is in fact a winter squash. 


To make a pie from winter squash, simply substitute two cups of cooked and mashed winter squash for the canned pumpkin.  And here’s a tip, when you want a pie and you have neither pumpkin or squash, use cooked and mashed carrots or parsnips.  Not quite the same but darn good.  If you are new to pie making you may want to take a peek at Let There Be Pie.


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