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A potato ricer is one of my most valued kitchen tools.  Riceing  your spuds before you add the butter and milk is the best way to guarantee beautiful fluffy mashed potatoes every time.  Unfortunately, a good ricer is hard to find.   I am fortunate enough to have my mothers which was made in the late 1920’s.   I feel it is essential that that the ricer have perforations on the sides as well as the bottom.
Ricing Potatoes

 When I went on line to find ricers for sale, the closest thing to what I would recommend is the one posted in the add in the side bar.  My other suggestion is to haunt thrift stores, garage sales and antique shops.  Good luck in your quest.

Potato ricers have other uses as well.  I run hard-boiled eggs through it to make fluffy egg salad sandwiches.  I found it doesn’t work well for mashing avocados for guacamole.  The avocados are too soft and just sort of squirt up through the top.  The same thing happened when I tried to use it to make Späetzle .

If you are a crafter however, you will find it invaluable.  Use it to make hair and beards for dolls and figurines by putting clay or Sculpy in it.  I have also put gingerbread dough in it to make hair and beards for gingerbread men and women.

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