Pub Spuds

The Kings Arms by the River, Youk, England


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For each serving:

Pub Spuds are a Northern English favorite, and believe me, after hiking on a wind swept moor, this tasty dish is a welcome site.  What could be more comforting than a hot baked potato,  split and buttered and with a perfectly grilled sausage nestled in it.  Add a few sautéed onion rings and a bit of pan juices and it is a warming dish indeed.  I had my first Pub Spud at the Kings Arms by the River in the city of York.

1 large whole baked potato

1 large English Banger or similar type sausage

some sautéed onion rings

fresh parsley

salt and fresh coarse ground black pepper


Rub the skins of large potatoes with oil or butter and wrap in foil before baking.  This protects the skins.  Sauté the onion rings adding a few drops of water or even better, beer, to prevent burning.  When the bangers are done, sauté the onion rings in the pan juices from the sausage.  You may need to add a bit more oil or butter and a splash more beer.  You want the onion rings just a light golden brown.  


To assemble, unwrap the baked potatoes and before cutting them, gently squeeze them to fluff up the insides.  Then make a deep cut into each one and carefully push one of the grilled sausages down into it.  Place on a plate and spoon over the sautéed onion rings and some of the pan juices.  Sprinkle on some fresh chopped parsley and serve while piping hot.  Simple and oh so good!

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Kings Arms by the River - York, England




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