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Thank you for visiting Pottery by Duncann.  Please keep checking back.  What you see here is a small part of my work.  I post new work frequently. 

ALSO, if you see something you like, but it has sold, I can make another.  It won't be identical, but simular.  Again, I thank you for your interest.



I received my degree in Design, Color and Composition with a minor in ceramics from the California Collage of Arts and Crafts in Oakland. I studied ceramics, painting, sculpture and design with such people as Edith Heath, of Heath Ware Sausalito, Antonio_Prieto, Richard_Diebenkorn, Jade Fon, Ralph Borge, Thomas Leighton, Jonathan Batchelor, George Miyasaki, Don Clausen and Bob Winston.

I hadn’t touched a potter’s wheel in nearly 60 years, but in February of 2016 I got the itch and it needed scratching.  No longer having any equipment of my own, I began going to the ceramic studio at the Rohnert Park Community Center which is hosted Randy SnyderAfter a 60 year absence from potting, getting back in touch with the wheel was not an easy process.  Also, due to a sports injury incurred in a diving accident when I was 18, (which has proliferated with age) my left wrist is very week which greatly impedes working on the potter’s wheel.   But now, after a year and a half it’s starting to come together and I feel I am now ready to begin marketing my work.

My interest in history, mythology, folk legends and nature greatly influence my work. If you are interested in a piece or want more information please email me at gduncann@yahoo.com or message me, Geraldine Duncann on Facebook.

Thank you,

Geraldine Duncann


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Saki Sets


Tea Bowls






If you are interested in seeing what else I do, click through some of the links below.  I write about food and wine and I revue art, entertainment and travel.

Thank you for your interest.



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