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Welcome to The Questing Feast's food page. 

Here you will find recipes and information for a wide variety of culinary needs. 




In the Techniques page you will find easy to follow directions for roasting peppers and garlic, blanching vegetables, how to perfectly boil an egg, how to clarify stock, make perfect pastry and much more







On The Pantry page, you will find recipes for things that are good to have on hand; things like mustards and mayonnaise, sauces and salsas, glazes, stocks and other handy culinary aids. 





Looking for ideas for appetizers or soups?  You'll find them in the Recipes by Course section.  Perhaps asparagus was on sale and you need some suggestions. 

Look in Recipeby Major Ingredient or perhaps you are feeling rather Irish or Middle Eastern.  Look in Recipes by Major IngredientOr perhaps your kids are studying Shakespear?  Why not cook up something he might have enjoyed.  You'll recipes in Food in History.





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A bit About Tea

Heart Healthy Recipes

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