Roasting Garlic Cloves


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With this easy method, you will no longer have to pay through the nose for tiny little jars of roasted garlic cloves.  Roasting your own garlic is easy and it will keep refrigerated for at least a month.  I find these roasted cloves a lot more convenient than the method of roasting the entire bulb and then having to squeeze it out.


First, peel as much garlic as you wish. * Lightly wipe a heavy skillet with olive oil.  Add as many peeled garlic cloves as you wish, making sure however that they are no more than one layer deep. 


Over a moderate-low heat, begin to slowly roast your cloves.  Flip them frequently to insure even roasting.  They are done when they are a pale golden brown and are somewhat soft when pressure is applies.  This will take about thirty minutes.  Since they require watching and frequent flipping, do it on a day when you are going to be in the kitchen anyway.


Roasted garlic is a wonderful addition to many dishes.  When roasted it has a totally different flavor from raw garlic.  The harshness goes away and you are left with an almost sweet, nut like flavor that is wonderful in many things or just very lightly salted and munched on.


* You may also use already peeled garlic which is now available in many places in 8 ounce and 1 pound jars.  Be sure to buy whole peeled cloves, not the jars of already chopped garlic.




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