weight watchers marinated peppers recipe


Roasted Chilies and Peppers in Vinaigrette


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Marinated roasted peppers and chilies are an excellent thing to have hanging about.  They can be used in anything from an antipasto plate to salads, pastas, rice and many other dishes.  Try putting a few into scrambled eggs or an omelet.


Roasted Peppers and Chilies

10 to 12 cloves of garlic, crushed

a few thin onion rings


2 tablespoons of salt

½ cup sugar

1 tablespoon mixed pickling spice

1 bay leaf

2 tablespoons olive oil


Cider vinegar

Clean and sterilize a quart jar that has a tight fitting screw top.  You may also use a small crock of equal size.  Put your roasted chilies or peppers into the jar in alternate layers with the garlic and onion rings.  Add the salt, sugar, spices and oil.  Pour in enough cider vinegar to fill the jar.  Screw on the lid and shake vigorously to distribute the seasoning evenly.  Your peppers will be ready to use in about 3 days.


Refrigerated they will keep indefinitely, however over time the texture breaks down and they no longer have a texture that makes them appropriate for use in salads and as snacks.  However, put them and some of their juice in your blender and process and they will still make the base for wonderful dressings, marinades and sauces.  Also, try just putting some of the pickle juice and a bit of oil on salads.




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