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Thrills and Chills at San Francisco Opera

What a Season


Opera lovers, get ready to eperience everything that opera is about in the upcoming 2018-2019 season.  The season is packed with pageantry and emotion, just as opera should be!  Everything from Wagner to Puccini and a whole lot in between. 


The pageantry explodes onto the stage this June with Francesca_Zambello’s production of Richard_Wagner’s, THE RING. Heroes, Dragons and Giants of legend become real in this spectacular production. 


Now, I am a traditionalist.  I don’t much care for my opera’s or Shakespeare, to be set in a when and where that the composer/author didn’t intend.  However, this visually rich production misses none of the pageantry despite it’s more contemporary setting.   

At the end of June the Gods take their final bows and make way for a new production of that classic operatic double bill “Cavalleria Rusticana” and “Pagliacci.”
which runs for seven performances.


Also in June, you will leave your image of Betty Davis and Errol Flynn behind when you see the Gaetano Donizetti’s, “Robert Devereu.” the story of the ill fated May/December love affair between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex.  Six performances only before the court of Elizabeth makes way for Napoleonic Rome with Puccini’s “Tosca,” opening in October for nine performances.


Richard Strauss’s “Arabella” waltzes onto the stage in October, bringing with her all the chocolate coated, cream filled glamour of Vienna's golden age.  Soccar Tort anyone?  But you’ll have to step lively.  There are only five performances.


Now who would have ever thought Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra would perform on the Stage of the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House?  Well, if not them, an operatic interpretation of iconic holiday film. “It’s a Wonderful Life,” complete with flying angles, and just in time for the holidays.  This west coast premier will run for nine performances in November and December of 2018 before opera steps aside to make room for that greatly anticipated production by San Francisco Ballet, “The Nutcracker.”


Sex and seduction at the Opera House?  You’d better believe when everyone’s favorite bad girl is back in town. “Carmen” struts onto the stage in a glorious, voluptuous burst of sensuality in June of 2019.  For those who were disappointed by last year’s production, this one more than makes up for it.  It embraces all the traditional pageantry, color and glamour that is the essence of Carmen.  Bizet would be proud.  But don’t dally.  With only seven performances this excellent production is bound to sell out.


In a far less traditional vein, June sees five performances of George Fredric Handle’s “Orlando,” set in a WWII military hospital, and the 2018/19 season ends in Antonín Dvořák’s romantic fairy tale of a moist maiden’s quest for human love, “Rusalka.”  Who can resist “The Song of the Moon.”  Nine performances only.


Now, if you can’t find something to tempt you on this delectable menu then I think you need a taste-bud transplant.

For tickets and more information visit San Francisco Opera 2018/2019 Season