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n this page I have created a variety of recipes and designs as well as assembled information that I hope will enhance your

Valentine’s Day celebration.

Victorian Calling Card - Dove Roses & Sailboat



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                    Valentine Day Information

Victorian Calling Card - Dove & Roses

More on Valentine's Day

Victorian Calling Card - Dove & Roses - Floral - 1920s

                        Cut and Paste Valentines

                             Victorian Calling Card - Big Red Rose Violets and Lilies (A)

long time ago, people thought that all your emotions were held in your heart, especially love. Today, even though we know that our emotions come from our brain, we still use the heart as a symbol of love.


oses are the best-known symbol of beauty and love. Most people know that red roses mean "I love you." A dozen roses certainly sends a big message on Valentine's Day!

Did you know that roses in other colors have meaning too? 

Red and white roses together means unity.

Pink roses mean grace and gentility.

Yellow roses symbolize joy. 

Orange or coral roses communicate your desire. 

Burgundy roses are a compliment to your sweetheart's unconscious beauty. 

Sweetheart roses are for couples who like nicknames, as they mean darling, dear, or honey. 

A single rose signifies simplicity, a nice statement to make if your pockets are empty. 

White roses means your sweetheart is heavenly.

White rosebuds warn that you're too young for love.


ther flowers also carry different


File:Red Carnation NGM XXXI p507.jpg Red carnations still say, "I love you."
See full size image A daisy will compliment your valentine's beauty.

The elegant cala lily celebrates your lover's

splendid beauty.

You can only send a lilac one time in your life

because it goes to your first love. 

A Gardenia is for the scared or the shy.

It expresses secret untold love.

Violets express your affection.


oves are very unusual in the animal world. They remain with the same partner all of their lives. Most animals go from partner to

partner, but not doves. For this reason, doves are symbols of loyalty and love on Valentine's Day.

Victorian Calling Card - Dove & Roses

       Vintage Valentines

Victorian Calling Card - Dove & Roses - Floral - 1920s

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