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My apologies.  As you can see, I have not kept this page up to date.  Sometimes life gets in the way of living.  My life took a different turn in the past two years and I have not had as much time to dedicate to the SCA as I would have liked to.

                                             -- Mistress Geraldine of Toad Hall, Baroness Bufo




The Wooden Spoon is for



It is my goal to rekindle interest in and enthusiasm for the Order of the Wooden Spoon. There was a time when we usually had as many as a dozen entries at each competition. Once there were thirty-two. That was painful on the judges because the competition was “comfits and sweetmeats,” (candies) and we judges experienced sugar overdose.

King Hagan’s goal in founding the Order of the Wooden Spoon was to promote an interest in fine cooking within the kingdom and he meant it for all. Please, do not consider that you must be an experienced cook to enter. The Wooden Spoon is for all. We welcome entries from all levels of experience. If you are an experienced chef, please, of course we hope you will participate. If you are a novice, you are encouraged to enter as well. What better way to gain experience and learn.





In the early days of the Wooden Spoon, one of the judges was the winner of the previous competition. I hope to return to that tradition.

Remember, in preparing your entries, in addition to taste, a big part of the judging is based on presentation. If your entry shows up in Tupperware it won’t even be considered.








After Judging


Another tradition from the early days that I plan to return to is an after the judging tasting. When preparing your entry, please make enough so that after the judging is complete, all those who entered may taste the entries, exchange comments and gain feedback.



Judging of Wooden Spoon Competition - Queen Carol, Jon de Cles, Geraldine of Toad Hall
March Crown 1972

A Bit of Wooden Spoon History


The Order of the Wooden Spoon was created in AS VI (1971) by King Hagen. The first competition, held at Beltane was won by Rima of Rockridge for an herb salad containing spring blossoms. The original award was a huge wooden spoon that was passed from winner to winner, much like the Great Muckin’ Club. He named me the first administrator of the order.

At March Cown AS VII (1972) the competition was Mincemeat Pie. The judges could not decide between two exceptionally fine entries, so the spoon was broken and the bowl given to one and the handle to the other. The two winners were, Giesele Hildegaard and Johanna von Griffenhurst. The spoon was then mended and passed on to Joan of Sea Keep, the winner of the next competition. Sadly, the whereabouts of the original Wooden Spoon is not known. 

I am very proud of the fact that when they were 10 and 12 both my sons won the wooden spoon. Sterling Beast Tamer in June of AS VII (1972) for a very small Haggis he made from a rabbit he had raised, butchered and dressed out himself. It was presented on a small trencher that he carved. Aaron the Mighty won in March of AS VII (1973) savory cheese tart. They were 10 and 12 when they won.

I have won it twice, in June of AS IX for Rose Hip Tea and October of AS XLVI for Peason bread.



Paging Past Winners


I am trying to assemble a comprehensive list of previous competitions and winners so please, if you have ever won the Order of the Wooden Spoon, no matter how long ago, please contact me and let me know what the competition was and what you won with.




Season Winners



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Order of the Wooden Spoon

Paging the Wooden Spoon

If anyone happens to know the where-a-bouts of the original Wooden Spoon, please contact me at

Also, if you have any questions about upcoming competitions or the Order of the Wooden Spoon in general, please feel free to contact me.

Yours for good cheer and fine dining,

Mistress Geraldine of Toad Hall, Baroness Bufo

Coordinator: Order of the Wooden Spoon and

The Cooks Guild

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