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Quite frankly, I have never had any problem using the leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner.  Usually two days after Thanksgiving there isn’t a scrap of it left in the house, and I didn’t do anything cute and clever to disguise it.  My family just eats it.  The day after they pile plates high with turkey, mash, gravy and veggies and pop it in the microwave.  Throughout the day they slip

into the kitchen and make sandwiches.  By Sunday there is seldom anything left but the skeletal remains which of course become soup.  I think this is due to the fact that I cook turkey once a year, and so it is such a looked forward to treat that it just vanishes.


Knowing however that most families find the leftovers somewhat daunting, I have pulled out some of the things my mom use to do with leftover turkey.  Remember, when I was a kid, we lived on a commercial poultry ranch and we had turkey a lot. 


First let’s discuss the bones and the traditional making of soup.  I’m sure you all have your tried and true recipes for turning the remains into soup.  Again, the quantity made may be a bit on the overwhelming side.  Instead of soup, try just making it into Stock, broth or bouillon  and freezing it in small portions to use in numerous culinary applications later.  Me, I can’t cook without stock and I don’t care for the commercial brands because they have too much sodium in them. 


After I have strained the broth, I pick any remaining meat off the bones and turn it into either sandwich spread or cat food.  Add mayonnaise, a touch of mustard and finely chopped celery, onion and bell pepper and it makes an excellent sandwich spread.  Cook it and some of the broth with brown rice and it is an excellent pet food.


Incidentally, you won’t find any recipes for tacos or burritos.  I figure if you don’t know how to wrap a tortilla around some turkey meat, well . . .


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