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You don’t have to be a hobbit to love mushrooms.  Mushrooms are one of the yummiest things on the planet, and the good news is, they are low, low, low in calories.  These tasty little critters are delicious on their own or as a delectable addition to other dishes.  What’s an omelet without mushrooms?  Mushrooms in kebabs, of course. It goes without saying that a steak is naked without it’s blanket of
Bilbo Baggins

sautéed mushrooms.  Pizza without mushrooms?  Unthinkable! 


When I was a young married most grocers didn’t carry fresh mushrooms.  I was lucky.  I shopped at a market owned by two Japanese brothers.  Every Friday they brought in a case of fresh mushrooms and fresh parsley, something else that wasn’t readily available when I was first married.  Today of course there are a wide variety of mushrooms available in many markets, and most markets also carry a good choice of fresh herbs.


 I hope the following recipes will satisfy the hobbit in you.

Couscous with Mushrooms

Mushrooms in Mushrooms

Opera Cafe Portabella with Pesto - California

Mushroom Linguini Alfredo - Italy

Marinated Mushrooms - quick & easy

Stuffed Mushrooms with Bacon

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms

Fresh Mushroom Soup in Broth

The English Country Kitchen

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