Crudités and dips



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Crudités are simply raw vegetables cut into manageable pieces designed to be used for snacking.  They are usually served with dips.  Some vegetables are fine raw, others are a bit better if very lightly blanched first.  And when thinking of vegetables to use for crudités, think outside the box.  Carrot and celery sticks are fine, but there are other wonderful vegetables than lend themselves well.


Vegetables that are appropriate for crudités include:



Asparagus – (raw or very lightly blanched)

Broccoli florets – (best lightly blanched)


Cauliflower florets – (raw or very lightly blanched)



Cherry tomatoes

Chunks of red cabbage


Edible pod Snow peas

Edible pod sweet peas

Fennel root

Green beans


Miniature ears of corn


Small green onions

Small inner leaves of Romaine lettuce

Small mushrooms

Sweet peppers – (all colors)

Sweet purple onion

Zucchini slices


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