Eggs in Spuds


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Serves 4


This is a tasty way to use up the hard-boiled eggs from the Easter Egg Hunt, or any other time for that matter.


4 large baking potatoes


Basic Cheese Sauce


4 to 6 hard-boiled eggs

About 2 to 3 tablespoons minced fresh parsley

Salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste


2 or 3 additional hard-boiled eggs

About 1/2 cup additional grated cheese  

Parsley for garnish


Bake or microwave the potatoes until they are very well done.  You want the inside to be quite soft and mealy.  The time will vary greatly depending on the size.  When they have finished cooking, wrap them one at a time in a clean cloth and gently squeeze and massage until the inside is sort of fluffed.  Set them aside and keep warm. 


While the potatoes are cooking, make the cheese sauce.  Cut the top from the potatoes and scoop out the insides.  Mash it and fold into the cheese sauce.  Dice the eggs and gently fold into the sauce along with the minced parsley.  Place the potato skins  in a baking dish fill them with the cheese and egg sauce.  Slice the additional eggs and lay several pieces on top of each potato.  Sprinkle with the extra grated cheese.  Put in a 400° oven just until the cheese has begun to melt.  Place the potatoes on a serving plate and surround with any extra sauce.  Garnish with sprigs of fresh parsley.

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