George Frideric Handel


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George Frederic Handel is often considered one of the greatest composers of the baroque period, gaining international fame during his lifetime.  Although borne in Halle, Germany on February 24th, 1685, he moved to London and on February 20th, 1727 was declared a naturalized British citizen by act of Parliament.  He is buried in Poets Corner in Westminster Abby.

Handle could not be considered a gourmet.  He enjoyed, as his girth will attest, the more stodgy foods of the three cultures that most influenced him, his native Germany, Italy and Finally England.  It is said that he loved the heavy dumplings of his native land, the pastas of Italy and the pies and steamed puddings of his adopted home, England.  Hey!  There’s nothing wrong with dumplings, pasta or pies and puddings.  To celebrate his birth you might enjoy whipping up some while enjoying his music.  I suppose it would be expecting a bit much to be able to enjoy it while floating down the Thames on a barge.




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