The Melt-down


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Makes 2


This is a delectable version of the old classic, the cheese burger.  Sure, most cheese burgers use the pre wrapped slices of American type cheese.  That’s O.K. if you enjoy the flavor of plastic, but give real, sharp Cheddar a try.  I think you’ll be pleased. 


About 1/2 pound of ground beef

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

A dash of Tabasco 

1 teaspoon mixed dry herbs – (Italian seasoning)

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 cup dehydrated chopped onions

About 1/4 cup chopped parsley

Black  pepper to taste


Thinly sliced sharp Cheddar cheese


Lightly toasted French rolls or Onion rolls


Sweet and Hot Brown Mustard

Thin slices of sweet purple onion

Thin slices of tomato

Thin slices of dill pickle


Place the first eight ingredients in a bowl and mix well.  Divide into four equal portions and form each into a thin patty.  It will be easiest to do this between two sheets of plastic wrap.  After the patties are formed, cover two of them with the slices of Cheddar cheese.  Cover with the two remaining patties and pinch the edges together to seal.  Gently sauté these cheese stuffed patties in a heavy skillet over medium heat.  Toast the buns and spread the bottom half with mayonnaise. Top each with one of the meat and cheese patties.  Cover each patty with slices of onion, tomato and pickle.  Spread the mustard on the top of each bun and add to your creation and enjoy.

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