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The Brothers Le Nain - Wow!  Talk about classical art. 



Contemporary art not really your thing?  Well then, the Palace of the Legion of Honor Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco has just what you’ve been looking for.  The Brothers Le Nain is an exhibition of exquisite 17th-Century paintings by French brothers Antoine and Mathieu Le Nain, depicting a very thick slice of the life of the times; from ecclesiastic, to the common man, and of course, portraits of the all important to any artist, patrons.  The exhibition opens this Saturday, October 8th and runs through January 29th, 2017.


Although they were a large part of the Parisian art community during their lifetime, they fell into obscurity until the 19th century when their work had significant influence on painters like Gustave Courbet and Édouard Manet.  Like many artists of the time, they were dependent on commissions from the Church and wealthy patrons, but it is obvious that their love was in depicting the life of the common man: farm workers, mothers and infants, the urban poor, children at play.

The exhibition at the Legion of Honor is comprised of some 60 paintings, some on loan from such prestigious collections as the Musée du Louvre, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the royal collection of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  One painting of particular interest is the portrait of the royal musketeer, le comte de Tréville, who was of course one of the inspirations for Alexander Dumas’s, renowned novel “The Three Musketeers.”


While at the museum be sure to take in some of the notable permanent collections, in particular the excellent collection of works by Auguste Rodin.  And of course don’t miss the outstanding view of the Golden Gate Bridge form the colonnade in front of the Palace.






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