Oysters on the Halfshell Oysters on the Half Shell


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Raw oysters are one of the foods that through the centuries have been labeled as having aphrodisiac qualities. There are no true foods that are true aphrodisiacs. In a time when people knew nothing about diet and when for long periods each year, there were no fresh foods, most people suffered from various dietary deficiency ailments. If you don’t feel to hot, then it stands to reason that your libido will suffer as well. Fresh raw oysters are loaded with iron and other excellent nutrients. Aphrodisiacs or not, they are delectable and induce an atmosphere of romance.

Auguste Rodin - The Kiss, ca. 1886

To prepare raw oysters in the half shell you should select smaller varieties.  Scrub the shells well with a stiff brush under cold running water.  Discard any open ones that do not close when you tap the shells.  Scrub particularly well around the hinge section which is apt to collect quite a lot of mud. 


I found a video on the gives am excellent demonstration of opening oysters.  Be warned; there is a bit of loud and objectionable music at the beginning of it.

                                   Opening Oysters


Once the oysters are opened, place them on a chilled serving dish and garnish with sprigs of fresh dill or parsley and wedges of lemon.  Accompany with Tabasco and horseradish.


Once the oysters are opened, arrange them on a serving plate and accompany with your favorite condiments.  I like wedges of lemon, Tabasco and horseradish. 



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