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If you’re a jazz fan great news.  A new show hit the scene this week.  Jazz Tonight hosted by veteran radio personality, Ray White.  Few people in the industry are as knowledgeable of music, all music and all aspects of music as Ray.  I hesitate to say that it’s “smooth jazz” because that all too often equates to “pap.”  But I will say that Jazz Tonight, from 7 to midnight, will smooth out the day for you.  It’s the perfect night cap. 


O.K.  So it is smooth.  The sort of smooth you’ll find in a glass of 30 year old Armagnac, a bottle of old growth Zinfandel or a cup of Earl Gray Tea.  Just the thing for the end of the day.  So, turn off the your cell phone, select a good book, pour that glass or cup and just chill for a while.


Ray may also be heard on San Francisco’s classical station KDFC week days from 3:30 to 8:00 p.m.





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