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San Francisco Opera - Something for Everyone



Opera is for everyone.  I kid you not.  “Oh no.  Opera is for highbrows,” you say.  Not!  Opera is for anyone who loves pageantry.  Opera is for anyone who loves theater.  Opera is for anyone who loves art.  Opera is for anyone who loves a grand night out.  And yes, opera is for anyone who loves music.



La Bohème

Opera is perhaps the ultimate art form, combining music, dance, drama, art and pageantry, and few do it better than our own San Francisco Opera.  Just walking into the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House is an adventure in and of its self.  This grand dame is of historic importance on several levels.  In 1927, four million dollars in municipal bonds were issued to finance her design and construction.  She is the first municipally owned opera house in the United States.  She is also one of the last Beaux-Arts structures built in the United States.  She was completed in 1932.



In the spring of 1945, the United Nations held it’s first conference in the San Francisco Opera House and in 1951, Treaty of San Francisco was drafted and signed in her.  She has been the home of the San Francisco Opera since she opened.  She is also the home of The San Francisco Ballet and until the opening of Davies Symphony in 1980 she was the home of the San Francisco Symphony.

The Makropulos Case



 The 2016/17 San Francisco Opera Season is replete with productions to suit every taste.  Traditionalists won’t want to miss the simply grand production of Puccini’s “La Bohème.”  You like your productions a bit more on the creative side?  Then this season’s ‘50’s take on “Don Pasquale” or the rather Picassoish version of “Aida” should suit your fancy.  Looking for something new?  Then be sure to take in San Francisco Opera's world premier production of “Dream of the Red Chamber.”  This colorful production is based on one of China’s most popular novels; a love triangle.  If you liked “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, “M. Butterfly,” or Doctor Zhivago,” you’re bound to enjoy “Dream of the Red Chamber.”


Dream of the Red Chamber


You can find full details of the upcoming season and more at San Francisco Opera.



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