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                San Francisco Bay Area - A Gand Back Yard

So you say you want to travel.  Why?  “To be able to see interesting things,” you say.  Well, if you live here in the San Francisco Bar Area you are living in one of the highest destinations tourist spots in the world.  Before you spend thousands of dollars traveling to distant lands, how about taking in a few of the wonders, both geographic and historic right here in your own back yard.


Many people travel because they want to see where great people lived and worked.  Well, have you ever visited Jack London’s home in Glenn Ellen, just outside Sonoma?  How about John Muir’s home in Martinez?  You’re a music fan you say.  Well then I assume you’ve driven by 2400 Fulton Street in San Francisco and taken a peek at the Jefferson Airplane home or Dave Brubeck’shome in the Oakland Hills.  Many of the vegetables and fruits you eat, as well as other plants you enjoy to the botanical generous of Luther Burbank. You can visit his home and experimental gardensin Santa Rosa.


Jack London's Home

John Muir's Home

Brubeck Hose

Burbank Home & Gardens


For pure magic drive into the Berkeley hills to look at the Temple of the Wings which was the home and dance studio of Florence Treadwell Boynton, a protégée of Isadora Duncan.  And talk about magic.  The Redwoods.  Our redwoods.  Yes ours.  Northern California is one of the few places in the world where they grow naturally.  When was the last time you gave them a visit?


Temple of the wings



The Magic of a Redwood Forest



The San Francisco Bay Area has to be one of the most spectacularly beautiful places in the world.  Have you visited the Sonoma County coast for a picnic, a walk or whale watching?  Have you treated yourself to a Wine Country picnic at one of our superb small family owned wineries?   







During World War II the ship yards of the Bay Area were breaking records and making history, in great part due to Rosie the Riviter. You can visit a museum dedicated to the hard working woman who were a major force.  And speaking of WWII, have you visited memorial to the USS San Francisco?  It sits at lands end, on the edge of the city, on the very edge of the continent, overlooking the pacific.  It’s well worth a visit for any WWII buff.


And while you’re in San Francisco, how about dropping by the California Academe of Sciences to pay a visit to Claud.  He is a 22 foot long albino alligator, one of the few in the world, who makes his home in the swamp environment at the Academe.  The Academe is also the home of the world’s largest completely digital planetarium dome.

Now Claud probably doesn’t care but San Francisco is also home to San Francisco Opera one of the finest Opera Companies in the world who makes their home at the War Memorial Opera House, the first publically owned opera house in the United States.  Oh and don't forget cable cars.  That's such a San Francisco thing.






They say “beauty is where you find it.”  Well, talk about beauty... have you ever driven to the top of Grizzly Peek Boulevard Berkeley at night and relished in the unsurpassed, breathtaking view of the bay and it’s environs?  Talk about a psychedelic experience!  Oh, and it's legal and free.  How about a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Yes, for the travel experience of a lifetime, how about taking the time to do a bit of traveling right here in your own back yard.  O.K.  Now you may click the heals of your ruby slippers together.






        Copyright © 2008 - Geraldine Duncann